Drunk driver, car goes flying and collides with other vehicles (+ Video)

Drunk driver multiple accident in Wisconsin
Image courtesy of Yahoo – Drunk driver multiple accident in Wisconsin

A drunk driver caused a brutal multiple accident in wisconsin, which was captured on camera and shared last Tuesday, October 25. In the video you can see how the driver lost control of the car and ended up crashing into two vehicles.

Wisconsin police in USA revealed the video recorded by a security camera where the car hits another vehicle stopped at a traffic light, flies away and ends up rolling until colliding with another parked car.

Drunk driver crashes causing multiple accident

The driver, who was driving while intoxicatedwas identified as Nicholas Ives, 22 years old. According to Wisconsin police, the man ended up being arrested and is currently charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after having carried out the corresponding test.

As could be captured in the video, the car seemed to come at high speed and in an uncontrolled way, since the driver would have lost control of the unit. This fact led to collision with a vehicle at a traffic light From there, flew out and began to spin around until he found a second carthis time parked in a nearby parking lot.

Both cars look pretty bad, and after the crash you can see flying through the air the rear bumper of one of the vehicles.

Fortunately, authorities said that none of the people involved in the accident suffered life-threatening injuries. At the moment, more information about it is unknown.


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