Drunk driver causes terrible accident when crashing into a truck of pajeros in Juventino Rosas, Mexico

A drunk driver was the cause of a fatal accident in which two people ended up dead and many others injured in Juventino Rosas.

An accident that was caused by the driver of a Chevrolet truck, who he was drunk, unfortunately left a balance of two people, minors, deceased and several injured. The events occurred when the driver collided with a passenger truck on the highway Guanajuato-Juventino Rosas.

The accident, which occurred shortly after seven in the morning on Sunday, near the community of El Tejabán, caused the rapid mobilization of several corporations such as SIMUB Firefighters, Municipal Civil Protectionof the State Highway Police, among others, to help the three wounded who were pilgrims goingapparently, to San Juan de los Lagos and are originally from that community.

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In the meantime, Three people were in the Silverado truck, two of them who were pressed and died. The citizen security report at the moment is that three people were transferred to receive the corresponding medical evaluation.

The cherry-colored truck that had a permit from the UDC to circulate without license plateswas practically destroyed and the passengers of this unit were practically pressed.

One of the units that came to provide assistance to the injured was 8804, although the support of other emergency groups was necessary to attend to those beaten who were in the foreign truck.

It is unknown if they were pilgrims because in front of the town of Tejabán is the community of El Terrero where a patronal festival is held.

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