Economical, versatile and you can drive it with a car license for only €2,399

Economical, versatile and you can drive it with a car license for only €2,399

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Versatile, practical, economical and urban, 125 cc scooters stand as the true market leadersdriven by the rise of urban mobility by motorcycle and, why not say it, by the presence of more and more urban delivery services and the work of those known colloquially by foreigners rider.

Today we will talk about one of the best-selling motorcycles in Spain, and also one of the cheapest, a compact 125 scooter.

For €2,399 – and €2,149 in its cargo version – we can access this high-wheel scooterwhich with 9 CV is presented as a perfect option for urban mobility.

A 125 cm scooter3 from €2,149

The KYMCO Agility 125 is a scooter thatas we told you, has been specifically conceived for the city. It will close this year as the fourth best-selling motorcycle in Spain, only surpassed by the Honda (SH 125I and PCX 126) and the SYM Symphony 125.

In its Agility City 125 version, it delivers 9 CV of power and has a 16″ front wheel and a 14″ rear wheel, starting at €2,399.

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KYMCO also sells a cargo version that, as we told you, starts at €2,149, delivers 9.12 CV of power and has 12″ wheels on both axes, having a chassis designed to equip cargo solutions, with two grills, one front and one rear.

What 125 scooter do I buy?

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