Electric windows, an element that has evolved over the years

In previous installments you have learned about different parts that are part of a car, such as the alternator, the odometer, the speedometer, among many others. Inside the passenger compartment there are many other important pieces, such as the power windows.

Today we are going to learn what are power windows and what is their use for the car and some other relevant aspects around them.

What are electric windows?

Car windows or windows that can be opened or closed with the help of buttons are called power windows.. The electric windows were first placed in cars in 1941 by Ford Motors. Being the first cars to have power windows were the Packard Custom Super 180 and the Lincoln Custom.

electric windows replaced the classic manual windows. These can come as a built-in feature on cars or can be replaced on cars that still have manual windows. These accessories can be purchased from the car accessories market. Features of electric windows

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Aside from the distinctive feature of raising and lowering the windows at the touch of a button, power windows have features that make them more convenient and easier to use.

  • Automatic lowering: Almost all power windows have this feature, allowing the user to the windows go down completely at the touch of a button. If the switch is held down for one second, the window rolls down to the limit switch and stops there.

    When the button is held down longer, the circuit lowers the window all the way until the button is released.

  • Automatic upload: The automatic upload works the same way as auto down. With the difference that for security measures another circuit is introduced that monitors the speed at which the window closes. When speed is reduced by an obstruction, power to the motor is reversed and the window lowers.
  • Courtesy Ignition: Power windows work only when the car is on, as they are controlled by switches and cables that run on battery or electricity. But some cars have a courtesy power backup which is supplied to the window regulator circuit even after the engine has been switched off.

    When a driver has forgotten to roll up one of the windows, this feature helps them to roll them up without starting the car.

How do power windows work?

Power windows work as follows:

  • An optimized 20-amp circuit breaker powers the driver’s side door.
  • The circuit breaker transmits power to a contact point in the center, where the wires from all four windows meet, through the driver’s window switch control panel.
  • The two ends of the power contact are connected to the battery or to the electric motor and to the ground of the car.
  • When a switch is pressed, one of the two ends is disconnected from the car ground and connected to the power point in the center. This distributes the energy to the rest of the moons.

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