Elon Musk already owns Twitter and the first thing he did was fire several executives

While the whole world is waiting for the official declarations of Elon Musk As the owner of Twitter, the billionaire took certain measures in what is now his company and fired several executives.

Elon Musk completed its purchase of the social network company Twitter this Thursday for a value of $44 billion, although there has been no official announcement for now. What did become known is that in his first hours as owner of the company, the billionaire has already fired his main managers; including the CEO, Parag Agrawal, according to media such as The New York Times or The Washington Post. Also, the company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange has already been suspended and is scheduled to meet with the entire staff throughout the day today.

Although the dismissal of Agrawal, who will receive compensation with a payment of between 44 and 60 million dollars, was not the only one that Musk made, but yes it was the most predictable given his lousy relationship with Musk since the beginning of the purchase. In addition, the new owner of Twitter has also decided cut heads in the financial, legal and customer service departments, dismissing their top managers, Ned Segal, Vijaya Gadde and Sarah Personetterespectively.

“The bird has been released”, He wrote shortly after the news was known. “In Europe, the bird will fly under our rules,” Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, responded.

It was also reported that Twitter He has already withdrawn the lawsuit he had filed against the billionaire for trying to get out of the agreement. The tycoon wanted to withdraw, alleging that the social network had been lying for years about the percentage of false accounts on the platform, something that would affect the heart of the firm’s advertising business. In On the other hand, his chances in court were very limited, both because it was difficult to prove this point and because he himself had refused to do the steps prior to signing the purchase, so he preferred not to have to go to court.

The tycoon decided to pay $54.20 per share – a price much higher than the value of the company – to take over Twitter for no clear reason, so this Wednesday he sent a letter to reassure advertisers. «I’m not doing it because it’s going to be easy or to make more money, but to help humanity.”he explained in the message, where he highlighted that “It is important for the future of civilization to have a digital town square, where a wide range of ways of thinking can debate in a healthy way.”

The billionaire has also highlighted that one of the reasons for his purchase is that “There is a great danger that social networks are divided between the extreme left and extreme right”, adding that «I do so with humility, and with the recognition that the failure of this goal is a very real possibility, despite our best efforts.”

So for Musk, that translates to Donald Trump’s return to Twitterwhere his account was permanently suspended for supporting the assault on the Capitol in 2021. It is something that is expected to happen sooner rather than later and that, precisely, many advertisers do not like, as some of the main advertising agencies have already advanced. United States advertising.

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