Elon Musk uploads a video of a person, says he was harassing him and climbed on the hood of his car (+Video)

Elon Musk returned to the eye of the hurricane when Twitter suspended @ElonJet who was in charge of publishing Musk’s flights on the social network using publicly available information.

The account belonged to Jack Sweeney who also saw how his personal user and others of the same nature were suspended. This is considered by some as a hypocritical act of the tycoon, since he used to raise the flag of freedom of expression.

“My commitment to free speech even extends to not banning the account that follows my plane, even though that is a direct risk to personal safety,” had previously said.

Everything indicates that Twitter updated its rules to say: “Our primary goal is to protect people from potential physical harm as a result of sharing their information, which is why we consider information like physical location and phone numbers to be more risky than others.”.

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For his part, Musk tweeted that “Real-time posting of someone else’s location violates the doxing policy, but delayed posting of locations is fine.” Users of his own site then chided him by adding context to his tweet and noting that “the release of flight logs is protected by the First Amendment.””.

Now, the tycoon said that “a crazy stalker (thinking it was me) followed the car carrying little X (one of his sons) in Los Angeles, who then blocked the car’s movement and climbed on the hood”. He also commented that “Legal action is being taken against Sweeney and the organizations that supported the harm to my family.”.

Musk also posted a video of the alleged stalker asking if anyone knows him or his vehicle. The video does not offer further information, but shows a young man dressed in black and partially covered aboard a Hyundai Kona.

The concerns of the world’s second-richest person may be well founded, as he is one of the world’s best-known executives. Therefore, he is not surprised that he has to deal with bullies

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