Emasa creates two electric cars to carry out functions of the traffic police in Spain: it makes fines, captures license plates and more

Some new electric cars to help the functions of the Local Police in Spain were created by the company emassa and one of them is already in test use.

Currently the template for the use of cars technically called ‘prevent’ either ‘pay fines’ in colloquial terms it grows in the capital of Cadiz. To the vehicles used by the Local Police, with a camera on the ceiling and a computer program (or ‘software’) to sanction all kinds of infractions, two electric cars will be added in a few days possessing two chambers each, acquired by the Municipal Parking Company (Emasa) for specialized use.

According to reports, so far, the vehicles used by the Local police actually belong to the Association of Municipalities of the Bay that they are transferred to the local councils of the region that request it (Cádiz is among the few that use it) to carry out specific campaigns for a limited period.

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Sources from the municipal opposition, the Cádiz Local Police and union representatives on the Emasa staff confirm that the municipal company has acquired two cars for the exclusive use of this municipal departmentl. They will only be used by controllers of regulated parking areas, known as blue, orange and green area.

While one of the vehicles is already in the testing period and this Tuesday it was visiblethrough the Campo del Sur, a road with blue zone parking in both directions for almost two kilometers.

The representatives of the staff clarify that the new vehicle, driven by one of the Emasa operators, in uniform, who usually checks the payment of parked cars does not issue the fine directlyas it happens with the Local Police.

Thus, in the case of these new electrics from Emasa, the capture of the license plate through the cameras does not cause the sanction immediately. This, according to union spokesmen, is because the computer program of these two cars checks if the car has a ticket, or with the plate that authorizes parking by residence or subscription. In the event that it is not paid, it sends a warning to the area controller so that he can approach and sanction.

Although the sanctioning mechanism is different, and indirect, the same sources of the template admit that will lead to increased fines. It is for this reason that the accusations of tax collection directed at Emasa seem inevitable when both vehicles come into operation. At the moment there is only one in tests and the adjustment of the ‘software’ “gives a lot of trouble” until the end of the adjustment period.

Union spokespersons and members of the municipal opposition also affirm that the purchase of these vehicles responds to “The impossibility of Emasa controllers, on foot as they have been up to now, being able to check and sanction so many parked cars. The blue, orange and green zones have grown so much in the last three years that there are not enough operators to supervise them, to maintain the same rate of sanctions that occurred until 2018, for example.

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