Enjoy in first person the most forgotten and unknown Ferrari, the unfairly reviled Dino 206 GT

Enjoy in first person the most forgotten and unknown Ferrari, the unfairly reviled Dino 206 GT

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Tedward’s YouTube channel is one of those gems that no oilhead should miss. We like it so much that we will include it in the next compilation of international YouTube channels that we most recommend to our readers. In Tedward’s first person driving videos we find automotive delights like the one we are going to share with you today: a Ferrari Dino 206 GT, one of the most exotic and underrated Ferrari of all time. Only 152 units of the 206 GT were built between 1967 and 1969.

The history of the Ferrari Dino is very interesting. It was Ferrari’s first attempt at creating a relatively affordable sports car, and it was the first high-volume Ferrari. His name was a tribute to Alfredo Ferrari, Enzo’s ill-fated son, affectionately nicknamed Dino. Its engine didn’t have twelve cylinders, it had only six, and it was produced on a Fiat assembly line – sharing an engine bay with the precious Fiat Dino Coupé and Spider. In the first Dino 206 GTs, it was an aluminium-block V6 engine, 2.0 liters and 180 horsepower.

You will not find a single Ferrari emblem on its bodywork. Still, it was a car ahead of its time.

The engine, designed by Aurelio Lampredi, was mounted in a central-transversal position, associated with a five-speed manual transmission. A beautiful bodywork designed at Pininfarina by Aldo Brovarone and Leonardo Fioravanti completed a round set. However, it was little appreciated by purists, for being “affordable”, not having a V12 and not even having visible Ferrari badging. It was a real Ferrari, though, and when its engine revs at 8,000rpm down a twisty road, you’ll clearly see how unfairly undervalued it was.

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