Enjoy the first wash in 23 years of this practically virgin Mazda RX-7 (+ video)

Imagine for a moment opening a garage door and finding yourself, literally thrown, a 1999 Mazda RX-7 FD. This same thing has happened to the family that has contacted the guys at WD Detailing, who have received the noble and enviable task of cleaning, detailing and bringing back to life to the Japanese sports car after having been unemployed for 23 years and having only covered 14,000 kilometers.

To this we must add the personal charm that I find in the fact that the car has not received any modification. And it is that I consider myself a firm defender of series cars, and more of an RX-7 that, together with the Supra and Nissan Skyline, It is one of the most likely Japanese sports cars to receive all kinds of changes.

This is how you dust off a Mazda RX-7 after 23 years of standing still

Be that as it may, surely it hurts and worries us all why the RX-7 has spent 23 years collecting dust in its owner’s garage. Because yes, this FD has always belonged to the same person, who bought it new in 1999 and, after traveling 14,000 kilometers with it, decided to leave it alone.

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It all comes down to the fact that one fine day driving on the highway, he accelerated reaching speeds unsuspected until then. The situation scared the owner and he decided to leave the car still because he was afraid to drive it and, although it hurts that it has been stopped, the decision not to sell it has allowed him to create a whole unicorn.

Thus, the WD Detailing team does not skimp when it comes to carrying out their work, making sure that every last nook and cranny of the RX-7 has been cleaned. After a lot of work, dedication and love, the legendary Japanese sports car returns as if time had not passed for it. Now the big question lies in what the owner will do, Take advantage of its status as a stock car and its low mileage and speculate with it? Or enjoy it properly and without fear? Enviable situation.

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