Episode of rage on the highway: Driver of a pickup collides with a camry and crashes it into the dividing wall (+ Video)

Many are the ones who think of throwing another vehicle off the road the hard way, but few take the liberty to do so. In the following video there is a driver who apparently lost patience and he used his truck to do that.

The record was published on October 28 on Facebook by the user Ibro Enzo Suljic, where you can see a toyota camry trying to overtake a truck. As you accelerate into the open left lane, the driver of the older vehicle turns his wheels to the left and accelerates toward the car.

The footage makes it look like the truck was trying to keep smashing the Camry into the divider. even after the initial hit. Seconds later he walks away from the sedan. The people who record are impressed by the behavior of the violent driver.

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For now there have been no reports on whether the driver is detained or not. There is also no information about the Toyota passengers they are fine. The folks at TireMeetsRoad added more information about it.

Like the incident occurred in St. Louis just before exit 13 for Ladue Road, which can be seen in the video. They also point out that this type of maneuver is considered a Class A misdemeanor considering there was an accident. The charges may be higher, since the intention was to crash the Camry.

For now there is no more information about it, but surely the driver of the truck will be tracked by local authorities, especially after going viral.

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