Europe has sentenced diesel and gasoline, but fears the consequences of premature death

The European Union has signed the death warrant for diesel and gasoline carswhose sales will be prohibited in 2035. Although it is true, it leaves a small gap for internal combustion, hand in hand with neutral fuels.

If sales of diesel and gasoline are banned in Europe, manufacturers will lose their interest in producing internal combustion engine cars on EU territory. As if that were not enough, Many manufacturers are also accelerating their electrification targets and will stop selling, and likely producing, internal combustion engine cars in the European Union before 2035..

Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, warns and encourages “manufacturers to continue producing internal combustion cars, create quality jobs and continue to be an exporting force”.

The European Union wants European manufacturers to continue producing diesel and gasoline cars… for export

Diesel and gasoline are sentenced and also thousands of jobs

The European Union expresses its concern that European manufacturers stop producing cars with internal combustion engines, which would be a direct consequence of the loss of the internal market, due to the cessation of sales of everything that is not a vehicle electric. And while it is true, Europe is advocating replacing sales of diesel and gasoline cars, and also hybrids and plug-in hybrids, with electric ones, some voices point to the need to continue producing cars with internal combustion engines for export.

In an interview with the French media The echoesBreton encouraged manufacturers to continue producing internal combustion despite respecting “that some are deciding to advance the goal of having a 100% electric catalogue”.

The European Commissioner also pointed out that the transition to electric vehicles could cost the automobile industry, which employs around 13 million people, the loss of up to 600,000 jobs.

In 2026 the proposed decarbonisation targets will be reviewed, including a ban on sales of diesel and petrol cars in 2035

The 2026 clause

The European Union has reserved, in any case, a letter. The latest revision of the Fit for 55 Package has provided a clause on the 2019 regulation in which it is established that in 2026 not only the progress will be reviewed, in the decarbonization objectives, which have occurred in these years, but also will analyze the consequences that the transition to electricity is having taking into account the technological developments [….] and the importance of a transition to zero emissions that is economically viable and socially just.”

This clause would allow, among other things, to review the proposed objectives and replace them with more lax regulations, to the point that sales of diesel and gasoline can be maintained beyond 2035, but also to tighten the objectives if it is observed that the transition is progressing properly.

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