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Everything we know so far about the new The Crew Motorfest

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No sooner said than done. A few days ago we told you about the rumors that revolved around a new racing title created by Ubisoft in collaboration with Ivory Tower. Although at first there was talk of a new IP, the shadow of the “The Crew” saga seemed long enough to shelve it, so the French company did not take too long to respond to the leaks and presented in society the new The Crew Motorfest.

Hand in hand has also come a small teaser cinematic in which we anticipate some of the main features of this new driving installment by Ubisoft, focused on the recurring idea of ​​a great “Motor Festival”, which in this case will take place on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. Recurring because it continues to be a common thread not only widely used by racing video games like Forza Horizon, Need for Speed ​​Pro Street or The Crew itselfbut we’ve also seen it in extreme sports titles like Riders Republic, the latter, coincidentally, also from Ubisoft.

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Not much more information has been given than the sample of the first vehicles that will be present at Motorfest or the scenario in which all the action will take place, with a map that will obviously be smaller than the proposal of The Crew 2, in which we practically crossed the map of the United States from east to west with a ‘playground’ amounting to 5,700 square kilometers of unexplored roads, paths and terrain.

It is also confirmed that other vehicles such as ships or planes will be maintained, with which we can also compete, at a time when the player is surely looking for something new after having exhausted all the everlasting Grand Theft Auto V proposals. It will not be a 100% accurate reproduction of the island, but it will allow creators to give free rein to offer virtual runners more attractive terrain to compete in, all seasoned with some points of interest that will replicate reality.

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For now, It is unknown what the release date of this The Crew Motorfest will be, but it is expected that it will be limited to this year 2023, something that therefore confirms that rivalry with The Crew Solar Crown for rising as the reference in the world of open-world racing video games, with a less scripted proposal than the Need for Speed ​​Unbound which came out in late 2022. Motorfest is coming out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and PC.

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