Evetta Posing As An Italian Pizza Delivery EV That’s Cute Like a Button

We’ve seen some cute cars in the past. Perhaps the funniest is the Microlino EV, which debuted in 2016 and looks straight out of a Pixar movie. The second version of Microlino, Microlino 2.0, has started production this year.

But the Microlino isn’t the only adorable EV you can buy. There’s also the Evetta from a company called Electric Brands, and just like the Microlino, the Evetta can be configured in a variety of ways, such as a pizza delivery vehicle. As seen in a photo posted by the company from the International Mobility Show in Germany (IAA) recently, Evetta is here disguised as Italian, wearing the red, white and green colors of the Italian flag.

It’s certainly cute as a button. The rear gets a dedicated cargo area for pizza boxes, while the lack of door handles on the side might raise questions. For the record, the Evetta’s front fascia is also the door, just like the Microlino. Now, good luck not seeing that doorknob.

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While this EV masquerades as Italian, the Evetta is actually from another country over Italy’s northern border, Germany. It’s made by German company Electric Brands – the same company that introduced the cute little EV truck called the Xbus last year.

The specifications of the Evetta pizza delivery EV weren’t disclosed in the social media post, but the non-commercial version has the option of getting a maximum battery capacity of 16.2 kWh. This is good for 234 kilometers (145 miles), which should be more than enough if shipping is restricted within the city.

Electric Brands is targeting to start shipping the Evetta in the summer of 2023. It comes with a price tag of 19,540 euros (or about $19,000) including German taxes.

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