Famous American actor Leslie Jordan dies at 67 after crashing his car into a building

According to reports given by the police to the media, Leslie Jordan he lost control of his vehicle when he suffered a medical emergency at the wheel, which cost him his life.

This Tuesday the death of the legendary actor and comedian was confirmed Leslie Jordan at 67 years of age. The American was known for his outstanding characters in series such as “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”, “Star Trek: Voyager”, “Boston Public”, “Ugly Betty”, “Will & Grace” and “American Horror Story”, among other.

The TMZ portal cited the police sources in charge of the news, where they reported that the death It occurred this Monday morning after the interpreter crashed his BMW car while touring the streets of Hollywood (Los Angeles, USA).

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With Jordan at the wheel, he would have suffered a medical emergency that made him lose control of the car and collide ipso facto against the side of a building.

However, so far, the specific cause of death has not been revealed. Meanwhile, the country of the United States and several of its fans in the world have been moved by this news, turning its name into a trend in the different social networks.

In addition to his outstanding acting career in shows like “Will & Grace”, “Hearts Afire”, “The Cool Kids”, “Call me Kat” and “American Horror Story”In recent years, Jordan has also gained fame as a social media icon.

In the midst of a pandemic The American increased his followers on Instagram from 80 thousand to 5.8 millionall this thanks to the hilarious videos of his daily life.

After becoming a social media star, she explained that the secret to her success is “being a goofy, fun, carefree retiree.”

In the cinema, the interpreter was part of the cast of the films “The Help” and “Ski Patrol”, among other.

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