Fernando Alonso is already part of the Aston Martin team: Sunday in his ‘hospitality’ and Monday in his box


the pilot of Formula 1, Fernando Alonso is now part of the team Aston Martin.

Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso will be uploaded for the first time Aston Martin after completing his period in Alpine with another abandonment

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This Monday he was with the team in the box, watching the mechanics work. He will have a seat made to measure for him and for tomorrow, he will wear a black suit, to take the first laps in his green car.

“I am looking forward to making the seat on Monday, starting a new project that is always exciting”, declared Fernando. Although this test is to maintain comfort and not performance.

“It will be important, but not so much in terms of performance, as the car will be very different for everyone next year. In terms of comfort, seat, steering wheel, buttons and things I would like to change, it’s great to have such a day with the car, so I’m really looking forward to it.”assures.

The technical director of Aston Martin, Tom McCulloughhas said:

«We work this Monday for all the final details of the preparation (they make the seat). He will come to the factory after driving the car and spend a few days with us. To drive in the simulator and to meet people. But also to sit down and see what he has learned and the areas where we need to change based on his feedback from driving on Monday. I’m looking forward to that moment.”

“During the winter, we will have to build the relationship so that when we go to the tests we speak the same language.”

alonso is excited about what is about to happen in Aston Martin: “I am already looking forward to going tomorrow to get my seat made, to start a new project, which is always exciting and good, to wait for a much luckier 2023.”

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