Ferrari’s Mysterious Formula 1 Car Seen Again on Czech Highways

Formula 1 is back in the Czech Republic, and no, we’re not talking about a Grand Prix schedule in a country located in Central Europe – something that has never happened before.

We are talking about the famous Formula 1 cars that are driven on public roads. A few years ago, a red Ferrari F1 was seen cruising down the D4 highway between Příbram and Dobříš.

Czech police then asked for help tracking down the driver, which they did. The 45-year-old suspect escaped punishment because his identity was unclear, thanks to the helmet he was wearing. The penalty would involve a road ban for up to a year, plus a total fine of tens of thousands of dollars.

The punishment didn’t seem to have any effect on the offender as he was back on the road again. This time, it was captured in a close-up video by one of the iDNES readers, which is embedded at the top of this page.

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Based on the pointed nose, shape of the front wing and the shape of the engine air inlets, Ferrari’s F1 car appears to be the F2004, which was used by F1 superstar Michael Schumacher during the 2004 motorsport season. It also carries the number 7, which we think is a tribute to Schumacher’s seven world titles. – the last title was won in 2004 using the F2004.

For the record, no Ferrari Formula 1 driver was numbered 7 from 1990 to 2009.

It goes without saying that Formula 1 cars are not road legal. This particular machine does not meet standard roadworthiness specifications and is only permitted to be ridden on race tracks and closed circuits. The closest thing to Formula 1 for the road is the Mercedes-AMG One.

Whoever the driver was, he must be brave enough to get out in the open again. And yes, he’s still wearing a helmet, hiding his identity.

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