Fiat 500X will be discontinued in the US after the current generation (+ IMAGES)

The small crossover Fiat 500X it will be discontinued for the United States after this generation.


Fiat 500X will be discontinued

The Fiat 500X it will not be renewed for a second generation. In the Los Angeles Auto Show, CEO of the company, Olivier Francoisannounced that the model would disappear on a scheduled basis: “When he dies, he dies. We will not replace it”. The chief chief said that “Fiat is not here to be everything to everyone everywhere.”


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The firm will focus exclusively on the urban vehicle 500which will be marketed in the US in early 2024. Orders can be placed six months in advance, although it is not known if the body styles hatchback and convertible they will arrive. FIAT 500X

The Abarth 500e that was presented earlier this week in Europe will arrive in the US. Olivier admitted that “would love to offer it in the United States at some point.”


Fiat USA discontinued the 500 from the previous generation with a gasoline engine at the end of 2019, the model continues to be marketed in Europe. Abarth updated its performance for the model 2023MY. Despite this, Fiat you don’t want to retrieve the model with ice enginesince his plan is to exclusively market the latest generation electric model.


The price of the model for the US is not known at the moment, however Olivier warns that “it will be expensive”. Limited special editions could have “ridiculously high” price tags.


The Fiat CEO knows that the small electric model will not be a total sales success in North America, so only 10,000 cars will be assembled annually. The power hatch will not be offered nationwide.

Fiat will display the US model on the Los Angeles Auto Show of the next year. With required issuance modifications. It will arrive with the largest battery, a 42 kWh package and in a single trim level.

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