Final photos of the new BMW R1300GS: It’s here!

In the middle of last year, the motorcycle sector was informed through some spy photos that the new generation of the famous BMW GS was on its way. The photos from then showed a vehicle in an early state of testing, with plastic that did not correspond to it and everything in general very covered. There were certain details of this bike that were more than curious when we saw them, and now they seem to be confirmed.


In this section, I think we will not see a bike excessively more powerful than the current 1250GSthe feeling that this gives is that BMW, like many other brands, has been forced to increase its displacement in order to be able to pass the future Euros which are becoming more and more restrictive. This is a puzzle for the brands, which for now see the method of increase displacement but not horsepower. Making the engines run more relaxed and therefore with lower consumption and less pollution.

In this same engine section, we must also comment on a crucial aspect related to the cooling of the Boxer engine.

It was in 2012 when the BMW Boxer engine received its first liquid cooling.acquiring the surname “LC”, but it wasn’t fully liquid cooling, if not partial as the boxer cylinders were still air cooled. But now that is going to change since this new generation of the boxer engine if it is completely liquid-cooledFor this reason, as we mentioned last year, the boxer cylinders were covered in the first spy photos with the function of forcing the mechanics to overheat to test the new system.


On this topic, the chassis has been redesignedalthough it maintains the two mechanical suspension so characteristic of these BMWs, the front telelever and the rear paraleverwith a shaft drive. If you notice that this new generation brings some more technologysince it incorporates in the duck beak a radar or ledar whose functions can range from a intelligent cruise control to obstacle detection with emergency braking.

There is still a lot of information to discover in relation to this motorcycle, for now, I invite you to click on the following link to enjoy good quality photos of what would be the almost final model.


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