First official look at the 2023 BMW XM Label Red ahead of launch

The BMW XM Label Red is scheduled to go on sale in 2023 during the fall, in what will be the German brand’s most powerful production vehicle yet and today offered a preview. The image shows why it will bear the name Label Red.

This is the first official image, since this model leaked an image weeks ago that revealed its imperial design. This came a short time after the standard 2023 BMW XM made its debut.

In fact, the photograph posted by BMWM It’s identical to the vehicle in the leak, even the license plate is a direct match.

That said, there’s still a lot to discover when it comes to changes that improve the standard version. Although it is clear that it will have a solid performance as it is the first independent M vehicle since the BMW M1.

Label Red is estimated to offer 738 HP Y 738 pound-feet of torque, which is just a smidgen more than what was originally announced for the XM at its debut. That power comes from a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 mill paired with a single electric block, which generates 644 HP and 590 ib-ft of torque in standard equipment.

It is also known that it will have a distinctive exterior appearance with red details around the windows, on the grill and on the rims. The teaser shows the XM badge on the grille and special interior details are mentioned in the description.

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These must be referred to the mechanical improvements in the suspension and braking systems. Considering that it is a beast of 6000 poundsthe increased stopping power does not hurt.

BMW XM standard

The BMW XM Label Red is still a year away from dealerships, so there will be further advances and changes to the powertrain.

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