Florida police receive treatment for overdose after exposure to fentanyl during traffic stop (+Video)


Policeman Florida man overdosed on fentanyl while conducting a traffic stop and required immediate treatment.

Police exposed to fentanyl

A Florida police officer should have received three doses of Narcan after being exposed to fentanyl for presenting an overdose during a traffic stop last Tuesday.

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Tavares officer, courtney bannickhe was administered the drug to reverse the opioid overdose while lying motionless on the side of a road.


Bannick found narcotics in a rolled dollar bill inside the car that she and the other officers stopped for inspection. She at the moment she began to have trouble breathing.

Another of the officers heard her choking and gasping for help on the radio and approached. After losing consciousness, she required immediate medical attention, according to the Tavares Police Department.

That officer and two others put Bannick on the asphalt and managed Narcan. When he regains consciousness and speaks, he stops breathing again.

“He was completely lifeless. She looks dead in these videos”, indicated the Tavares police detective, courtney sullivanto Fox 35 Orlando. “So she’s very grateful today.”

The policemen had to give him three doses before the ambulance arrived. They think that BannickAlthough he wore gloves when handling the narcotics, he could have been exposed by the strong wind.

“I’ve done this 100 times before in the same way. It is only needed once and a minimum amount”, said Bannick. “I am grateful that I am not alone and I had immediate help.”

The official asked that they publish the video to raise awareness.

“If the other officers weren’t there, there’s a very high probability today would be different and we’d wear our thin blue line, the straps that go over our insignia.” said Sullivan.

The people inside the car were arrested for drug possession under aggravated crime and will be tried.

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