For 150 euros per month and with an ECO label, is this SUV the best purchase of November?

It is normal that in these dark times we run into offers that, sometimes, are too good to be true. This can happen to us with the one proposed by Dacia with the Duster, an SUV with more than worthy off-road capabilities and which is on sale for 150 euros per month hand in hand with the DGT ECO label, but is it really worth it?

And we are talking about conditions that, in order to access them, we must submit to the financing proposed the Romanian firm. This happens by facing a series of conditions and interests to enjoy this Dacia Duster for 150 euros per month, or what is the same, 5 euros per day, figures that do not have to be so attractive if they experience a large increase.

This is the Dacia Duster that can be ours for 150 euros per month

But before analyzing the financing, we must know that the offered Duster does so with a specific configuration. In this way, the SUV that we can take home is the one associated with the Essential finish and the 100 hp Eco-G enginethat is, the two access options.

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This translates into standard equipment made up of 16-inch wheels, black roof bars, electric front windows, on-board computer, rear air vents, gear change indicator, radio with DAB and automatic lights, among others. . Simple but enough.

As for mechanics, we find a three-cylinder, 1.0-liter turbocharged engine. that delivers 100 hp and 170 Nm of torque. These figures are managed by means of a six-speed manual transmission and allow a 0 to 100 in 13.8 seconds and a top speed of 168 km/h. Modest figures but they are compensated by the presence of LPG, which allows the Dacia Duster that concerns us today to show off the ECO label of the DGT.

But what does Dacia require of us when we want to get hold of the offered Duster? The first thing is to face an entry of 2,799.09 euros, which gives us access to 36 installments of 150 euros and a last one of 12,192.41 euros. To this must be added a TIN at 7.75%, an APR at 10.93% and an opening commission at 3.10% and paid in cash, that is, 446.79 euros.

You can save thousands of euros with the infinity of Second-hand Dacia Duster that we found in What car did I buy?

In this way, the interest amounts to 3,179.71 euros, letting the total price in installments for the Dacia Duster be 20,838.29 euros. It is not a stratospheric amount of money, but it is high if we take into account the associated engine and equipment, which, although sufficient, feels very concise compared to other finishes. But if you are also interested in this configuration of the Dacia Duster, you should know that it implies a cash price of 17,442.51 euros.

The Dacia Duster in What car do I buy?

Now, it is necessary to clarify that the Dacia Duster is not the only SUV on offer on the market, and that there are other very interesting alternatives. We discovered this through What car do I buy?Diariomotor’s comparator where we will find the largest offer of new cars and second hand of the moment.

In this way we find options as valid as the MG ZS, SUV that can be ours for a very interesting 12,950 euros. Another alternative to value is the SsangYong Tivoli, veteran model that is on sale for 16,900 euros. And another alternative is the Hyundai Bayon, an SUV with little time on the market but that can be ours for an attractive 15,540 euros.

Now, if the Dacia Duster is the option to choose too we must clarify that there are infinite options in the second-hand market. In this way, it is possible to get second-hand Romanian SUV units for 9,900 euros.

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