For €11 a day, can you buy a premium SUV? It’s a good offer?

Most of us Spaniards finance the purchase of a new car. Also when we acquire a premium or high-end product. Hence, the monthly installments have become one of the best claims of the brands, especially at a time when the prices of new cars are soaring so much that it is difficult to find a good offer. On the other hand, the best offers from brands are usually associated precisely with the condition of financing the purchase.

Mercedes-Benz also associates its best offers with the condition of financing the purchase. And that It is precisely the case of the SUV that concerns usa Mercedes GLA that is available, with an offer limited to 100 units, for €329/month.

It’s a good offer? Are there better options if we are looking for a premium SUV?

A premium SUV for €11 a day

From €39,711 we have offers for the Mercedes GLA, for the access version that uses a 136 hp gasoline engine and automatic gearbox (DCT). As we will see later, it is not the SUV in its category, far from it, cheaper.

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The offer that concerns us proposes a Mercedes GLA 200 d AMG Line, with Advantage and Night packages. That means that it is a well-equipped GLA and also with a 150 hp diesel engine and also an automatic transmission (DCT). In this version, Mercedes offers the possibility of buying it for €329/month, which actually translates into a financing price of €44,877. But according to the simulation offered by Mercedes of a 24-month financing, with a financed amount of €31,076 (which would lead us to the monthly installment of €329/month), the total price that we would pay for this financing GLA would be 55,922, €38.

Be very careful with this type of offer and, above all, with the types that we subscribe to in financing when buying a car. With these conditions we would be paying 25% more than the price announced in the financing process. Mercedes-Benz also offers the possibility of buying this car in cash for €46,135.

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What other premium SUVs are on sale?

The best offer in this category, without discussion, is that of a Volvo XC40 for €29,900, a premium, compact, high-quality SUV and the most affordable in its category. This offer price, in any case, is also subject to the financing condition and therefore to interest and fees that will depend on the particular conditions of the financing process. In any case, the most affordable Volvo XC40, with a 129 hp gasoline engine and automatic transmission, can be purchased in cash for €39,100. A price that would continue to be lower than that of the Mercedes GLA.

Despite the fact that the second-hand vehicle market is also suffering from the rise in prices, it is possible to find good second-hand Mercedes GLA offers for less than €35,000depending on its age and mileage, and with units of the previous generation of the GLA:

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