For less than 22,000 euros, this electric SUV is the car that even the most skeptical will want

Buying an electric car, whether we like it or not, implies in practically all cases a high outlay that a large percentage of the population cannot afford. However, companies like MG want to break the situation with cars like the MG ZS EV, a 100% electric variant of the Chinese SUV that, for 21,790 euros, it wants to be the electric car that even the most skeptical fall in love with But, does this offer have a trick?

And we must know that MG ZS EV price is subject to financing, so at the end of the payment of the installments we will find an increase in the price due to interest. To this we must add that MG advances the help of the MOVES III Plan to those customers who finance an electric or electrified car with them, and the figure reflected today is conditioned by said situation.

This is the MG ZS EV that wants to occupy your garage for less than 22,000 euros

But before talking about numbers, it is necessary to clarify that the MG ZS EV that can be ours for 21,790 euros requires a specific configuration. And it is that while there is only one mechanical option for the electric variant of the Chinese SUV -although in option the autonomy can be increased despite losing some power-, the finish we must opt ​​for is the access one, that is, the Comfortthough not negligible for that.

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And it is that this implies a series equipment made up of 17-inch wheels, LED front and rear headlights, 7-inch Virtual Cockpit, MG iSMART Lite, 6.6 kW charger, reversing camera, V2L system and five USB ports among others. Although it is necessary to clarify that for 1,690 euros more, we will access the Luxury finishwhich adds to the aforementioned blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, panoramic roof, 360º camera and folding electric side mirrors among others.

As far as mechanics is concerned, the MG ZS EV boasts a single electric motor that produces 177 hp and 280 Nm of torque. These figures allow a 0 to 100 in 8.6 seconds and a top speed of 175 km/h. But for all this to be possible, the participation of the 50.3 kWh battery that feeds the mechanical scheme is necessary, and which guarantees, under the WLTP cycle, a range of 320 kilometers.

Now, what happens when we are willing to pay the 21,790 euros that MG asks? The truth is that the Chinese firm does not give details about tickets, fees or interest, only making it clear that it is a price which entails the entire aid of MOVES III for electric cars, that is, 7,000 euros. To achieve it, it would be necessary to deliver a car that is at least seven years old, otherwise the aid would be reduced to 4,500 euros.

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In the event of deciding not to finance the purchase and not taking advantage of the fact that MG advances the MOVES III Plan, we must know that the cash price requested by the firm for a ZS EV of the same configuration is 32,490 eurosa figure that could also be reduced to 25,490 euros if we could avail ourselves of the maximum aid from the Government.

The MG ZS EV in What car do I buy?

Be that as it may, we are talking about a very competitive price if we take into account that it is an electric and well-equipped SUV but, Is it the only one on the market that meets these characteristics? To find out, we must go to What car do I buy?Diariomotor’s comparator where we will find the largest offer of new cars and secondhand.

In this way we come across other options such as An electric Hyundai Kona on offer for 27,440 euros that, if we apply the maximum aid of MOVES, would remain at just over 20,000 euros. Another interesting alternative would be the Mazda MX-30, an electric SUV that can be yours for 29,580 euros. And finally the Kia e-Niro, v100% electric variant of the Korean SUV that is on sale for 32,700 euros.

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Video test of the petrol MG ZS:

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