For less than €24,000 and with immediate delivery, is it worth buying the best-selling diesel in Spain?

Fewer and fewer diesel cars are being sold. Diesels have not only been surpassed by cars with a C label and a gasoline engine, but including hybrids and micro-hybridswhich today are the preferred option for Spanish drivers, they have already surpassed diesel, once the market leader. On the other hand, manufacturers increasingly have fewer diesel products in their catalogue.

We have already told you why, today, we would not buy a diesel and, in the case of buying a new car, we would try to choose a hybrid mechanics.

But some diesels still have pull. Y the best example is found in the best-selling diesel in Spainwhich is not another model than the Citroën C4.

The best-selling diesel in Spain

Diesel is the preferred option for buyers who choose the Citroën C4, ahead of gasoline and also electric, which we remember is one of the mechanics that can be configured in the C4 range. For every electric Citroën C4 registered in Spain this year, five diesel Citroën C4s have been registered. It is one of the few products in which diesel currently exceeds gasoline, a situation that is repeated in other Citroën products, such as the Citroën C3 Aircross.

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As we said, the Citroën C4 can be purchased with a diesel engine for less than €25,000, and even €24,000, and with practically immediate delivery. At the time of writing this article, Citroën had 88 units of the Citroën C4 diesel in its stock of vehicles. The cheapest diesel we have found are equipped with the 110 hp BlueHDi engine, manual transmission and Feel finish with black bodywork.

In any case, and for the reasons that we have already mentioned above, our choice would be gasoline, with prices on offer from €21,000 and availability of units in stock, and therefore with immediate delivery, from €23,000.

Alternatives to the Citroën C4 diesel

We insist that today we would not recommend a diesel, except in very specific and specific cases – drivers who travel more than 25,000 or even 30,000 kilometers a year. In the Citroën C4 range, our choice would be electric, if it meets our needs and falls within our budget and, above all, gasoline engines.

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But if we take into account that a stock diesel Citroën C4 is around €24,000 or even €25,000, the most interesting alternative to a diesel Citroën C4, in our opinion, would be the hybrid. Today we can buy a hybrid Toyota Corolla from €23,550 and a Renault Captur hybrid for €23,419.

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