Ford F-150 Spied Refreshed, Including Peek Into The Cabin

The Ford F-150 just celebrated its 41st year in a row as the best-selling vehicle in the United States. Blue Oval is preparing to refresh the truck for the 2024 model year, which will help it stay competitive in the popular pickup segment. Here’s our latest look at the updated model.

Our spies believe this to be a top-of-the-range Limited trim level, and it clearly has a four-door SuperCrew body. Engineers covered the front end with a mixture of camouflage fabric and wrap. The material hides most of the details, but the stacked LED headlights show through. The truck drives black wheels with six spokes with holes.

The development team completely hid the back. Even the taillights are barely visible. Covering the area thoroughly shows Ford’s plans to make some design changes there.

In the previous spy shots, there is a better view of the updated taillights. There’s a vertical line that runs through them that goes to the outside edge at the top.

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We’ve seen photos of other trims from the previously updated F-150. This includes spy shots of the revised Raptor R, which is a fairly new model but still receiving styling upgrades.

Ford F-150 Spy's photo

One photo (above) offers an overview of the interior. Hard to see, but now it looks like something is above the infotainment screen. The element is probably the HVAC vent. If so, the display could possibly be wider due to the vents currently flanking the monitor.

It’s not yet clear whether Ford will make any powertrain changes to the updated F-150. This mid-cycle update is a common time to introduce a new engine or drivetrain option. However, we have no specific details available at this time.

We expect the updated F-150 to go on sale for the 2024 model year. If that’s the case, then the unveiling will likely happen sometime in the middle of the year.

For a sense of what it’s like to live with an everyday Ford F-150 Hybrid as a travel trailer towing vehicle, check out this episode of Rambling About Cars:

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