Ford Mustang Debut Will Include Costume Contest For “Best Handlebar Decade”

Mustangs are coming, and it’s safe to say they’ll be heard for miles. Ford is planning a big party in Detroit to launch its seventh-generation Mustang, and now, that party includes a full costume contest to celebrate six decades of pony car fun. Better clean that bell bottom, fix those acid-washed jeans, button up a flannel shirt, you got the point.

Actually, you might is it right want to get some period correct outfits, because the contest winner will get a free 24 month rental on the new Mustang, and a GT trim to boot. Second place wins early drives with new ponies, while third place scores hot laps in the passenger seat with “Ford Performance drivers.” It’s unclear whether that means an engineer or a professional racer from one of Ford’s racing endeavors. Either way, all three prizes seem worthy of robbing thrift stores for a matching late 1960s Bullitt turtleneck and sports jacket.

How does one take part in this folly? The contest is part of RaidFord’s planned cruise from Blue Oval’s headquarters in Dearborn to downtown Detroit for the debut of the 2024 Mustang on September 14. Ford offers an open invitation to Mustang owner to register cruise online, although billed as a first come first serve. The event kicked off at 3 p.m. local time, with cars scheduled to depart from base at 5:30 p.m. Arrival at the debut site is scheduled for 18:30, where people will party until debut at 20:00.

And it must be a big party. Based on Muscle Cars & Trucks, more than 1,000 Mustangs already registered. Ford confirmed the figure to, adding that more information about the logistics of such a cruise – through Detroit rush hour traffic – will be coming soon. As for the costume contest, panel Detroit clock the magazine’s editors will act as judges, narrowing the field to 12 finalists with two representing each of the Mustang’s six decades. There is no mention of the cost to participate in both Raid cruise or costume contest.

Interested in more Mustang content? Look Chatting About Cars a dedicated podcast on Mustang, available below.

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