Ford Mustang Nite Pony Pack Darkens Coupe, Mach-E With Black Trim

Ford launched a contest in June to name the new Mustang Black Accent Package. Later that month, Ford filed for a trademark for “Dark Horse” worldwide, and we think it’s a potential winner. However, that’s not the case, and we were wrong because Blue Oval today announced the launch of the new Mustang Nite Pony Pack.

This is Ford’s second package available in the Mustang coupe and the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover. The Ice White Pack adds a white badge, white wheels, and a white exterior color, creating a nice contrast for this year’s Nite Pony Pack.

Ford will offer upgrades to two 2023 Mach-E trims: the Long-range Premium and the GT Performance Edition. The Premium received 19-inch black wheels and a black Pony badge, while the GT PE received a larger 20-inch spinner and a black GT badge.

Both trims receive black front and rear lower fascia, black door covers, and black mirror caps. The pack isn’t all dark, with Ford sporting bright pony graphics on black wheel caps. Ford will offer the Nite Pony Package in any Mach-E exterior color.

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The Nite Pony package does the job advertised on the 2022 Mustang coupe, finishing the mirror caps, GT and Pony badges, and the roof in black. The car also gets 19-inch black aluminum alloy wheels, a black grille, black painted roof, and a black decklid spoiler. It’s a spooky-looking package for a coupe and crossover.

Ford received 11,000 submissions in the first 24 hours of the contest, receiving a total of 29,000 submissions. Nite Pony defeated three other finalists – Alastor, Shadowmare, and Shadow Stallion. Nite Pony is the right choice.

“The response we received to name the Mustang Nite Pony Package has been overwhelming – it’s a fun way to engage our passionate fans,” said Suzy Deering, Ford’s head of global marketing.

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