Ford Super Duty towing another pickup with 3 more cars at 75 miles per hour (+Video)

the straps of ratchet they are ideal for securing a load and the driver of this vehicle put their endurance to the test like no other.

A video broadcast through social networks shows a Ford F-Series Super Duty allegedly broken down with the load of three vehicles: a Porsche Panamera, a Hyundai and a Nissan.

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Rather than use another truck to remove the vehicles, the intrepid driver decided to rely on a single ratchet strap. The result is a Super Duty towing another truck with the same characteristics loaded with three other cars.

This is a terrible idea, especially since the description of the video states that they circulated at 75mph This work lasted long enough to be recorded by another driver, who recorded the record.

How long this convoy lasted is unknown, but it was apparently reported to the police. It is logical, since the strap could break and cause an accident.

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