Foreigners record shocking fight between drivers in Viña Del Mar: they broke car glass with a hammer and more (+Video)

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A video recorded by an American circulates on social networks, who witnessed a violent fight between drivers in the streets of Viña del Mar, Valparaiso

The record is in a group of Reddit called “idiots in cars” and as it was a particular matter, it went viral. The clip is titled “a normal Tuesday of road rage in Chile”.

The Radio Biobio portal indicates that the video was recorded on the street Álvarez, in the center of Viña del Mar.

The foreigners recorded an accident between two vehicles that were ahead. This unleashed the fury of those involved and an act of violence began.

Fight between two drivers

Passengers from one of the cars got out and attacked the other driver with what appears to be a hammer. After this, a woman came to the rescue to defend him, grabbed the hammer and began to attack those present.

The incident caused an impact on foreigners who were limited to repeating “My God” while watching the fight. “It looks like plastic (the hammer)”, commented one of the tourists. “I don’t think it’s plastic”Another of the foreigners who captured the video then responded.

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The second driver took an iron out of his car to force the man in the yellow shirt who was on top of the vehicle to get out.

In the United States, if this had happened, you would have been shot”, commented one of the foreigners.

The video culminates with the tourists going their way as the fight continued.

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