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Forget the Mercedes G-Class: This is the beastly, tough electric SUV you’ll want to own

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Electrification has reached the motor world, but it is not present in the same way in all segments: electric SUVs continue to be almost an exception. Munro, a small Scottish manufacturer, wants to take advantage of the fact that this piece of cake does not (yet) have many suitors. And he has done it by presenting what they define as the best electric SUV in history: Munro Mk_1.

With that objective they were born in 2019: they wanted to manufacture the best electric SUV in the world and after three years of development, the Munro Mk_1 (designed and built in Glasgow, Scotland) is already a reality. This 4×4 is, at the same time, robust and is designed to be easily repaired. According to its creators, it should be as durable as the mountains that give the brand its name.

Munro Mk 1 01

Some unprecedented heights

With a imposing angular design, It is partly reminiscent of other models such as the Land Rover Defender or the Ineos Grenadier: of course, it would go unnoticed in a military convoy. Its cabin is far from concepts such as elegance or comfort because the Munro Mk_1 is built for work and is, above all, practical. Its spartan interior (fits five people) features a pair of small screens for the instrument cluster and infotainment system, physical controls for major settings, and JBL speakers hidden in the doors.

The really interesting thing about the Munro Mk_1 is its off-road dimensions. Its ground clearance is 48 centimeters (20.3 centimeters higher than that of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and 15.2 centimeters higher than that of the Ford Bronco Raptor), It has an attack angle of 84 degrees, a departure angle of 51 degrees, and a ventral angle of 148 degrees. It supports a fording depth of up to 80 centimeters, has a payload of 1,000 kilos and a towing capacity of 3,500 kilos.

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Power and autonomy

The Munro Mk_1 also makes a difference in the mechanical section because it does not opt ​​for two electric motors to drive the front and rear axles: It has only one, located in the center, whose power is distributed between both axles through a differential. With this scheme, you achieve a 50:50 weight distribution.

This block can develop 295 hp or 375 hp, while its maximum torque can be up to 700 Nm. Its maximum speed, yes, is limited to 129 km/h. Both engine versions can be associated with a 61 or 82 kWh battery: the first promises a range of 270 kilometers, while the second reaches 306 kilometers.

it won’t be cheap

Munro is a very young brand, but it has already designed its roadmap. The production of the Munro Mk_1 will start with 50 units, which will be delivered in 2023: they will have an initial price of 49,995 pounds (57,988 euros, according to the current exchange rate). In 2024, this production should reach 250 copies to, from 2027, reach a level of 2,500 vehicles each year.

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