Forza Motorsport is presented as the most advanced racing game. Will it comply?

Forza Motorsport is presented as the most advanced racing game. Will it comply?

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This January 26 was marked as the date on which Microsoft had raised a ‘Developer Direct’ or presentation in which they were going to detail the news that the new title of the Forza saga brings with it, intended for players on both PC and Xbox, and the great antithesis of Gran Turismo. Noted as one of the great releases of this year 2023, Forza Motorsport has been presented with a solid image of being a breakthrough visually compared to its predecessor, promising to be the most technically advanced driving game “ever made”.

At least that is what Chris Esaki has assured, the creative director of Turn10 Studios and the one in charge of introducing this new installment of a franchise that has known how to diversify through its two aspects to try to reach all players. Horizon offers you non-stop racing and action in abundance from a more arcade perspective and focused on collecting and exploring the scenery, while motorsport has focused on trying to unseat the title of Polyphony Digital as the reference in terms of driving for consoles.

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No specific release date:

Launched in the month of October 2017Forza Motorsport 7 had already shown good capabilities in said duel with Gran Turismo, but the long development of a successor even pushed the duration of the licenses it owned to the limit, so that, since September 2021, it ended its presence in the digital stores of Xbox and within the program of GamePass. With the pandemic lengthening practically all processes, It has finally been in 2023 when the new installment will be released. When specifically? Well, unfortunately that is one of the questions that have not been revealed in this ‘developer’s diary’.

Turn10 Studios has made the closest thing to a reset to your great product. The development has been practically from scratch, with the aim of thus making the most of the capabilities of the new hardware, and become the first representative by Microsoft that should be considered as a video game outside of that ‘intergenerational’ border. In total there will be 500 vehicles available and clinically detailed (both competition and series), all of them with a very high degree of customization through a catalog of parts that will exceed 800 unique improvements.

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As for the circuits, It is known that there will be 20 different tracks with different variants (and the dynamic climate) in some of them in order to multiply the options, although it still seems like a figure that may fall too short in that inevitable and direct comparison with Gran Turismo. The evolution of driving physics It is what has led those responsible for Turn10 to talk about the most technically advanced racing title. We will have to wait for it to reach Xbox Series X / S and PC, we do not know how long, but the wait promises to be endless for the unconditional

Perhaps it is in that sense where 2023 faces a lot of uncertainty As for racing video games, especially since three of the most anticipated releases, such as TDU Solar Crown, the new EA Sports game from the world of rallying, or Forza Motorsport itself currently do not have a fixed arrival date. stores, both virtual and physical.

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