Four car thieves were stripped of their clothes and hung in a basketball hoop in Chiapas, Mexico (+Video)

Car thieves were hanged in Chiapas
Image courtesy of Aristegui Noticias – Car thieves were hanged in Chiapas

A group of residents detained four suspected car thieveswho were half-naked and hung by the hands in a basketball hoop in the central park of the municipality of Huixtán, Chiapas in Mexico.

The Tzeltal indigenous people publicly hung and whipped the four people who were designated as criminals who are in charge of stealing vehicles in the municipality of Huixtan. The videos they show individuals hanging by hands from the top of a basketball hoop.

Car thieves were hanged in Chiapas

The presumed thugs were captured by the inhabitants of Chilil at three in the morning on Thursday, December 22, after which they were made available to the municipal and traditional authorities. Although some locals threatened the alleged criminals with setting them on fire.

It must be taken into account that the indigenous municipality is governed by ancestral norms, prior to writing and modern law, for which reason the Tzeltal settlers asked that they be lynched. Reason why they were whipped in full view of the residents.

Image courtesy of Noticias Caracol – Car thieves were hanged in Chiapas

In addition, during the interrogation of the alleged thieves, they confiscated six cell phones and two fanny packs that contained tools with which they opened the vehicles, as well as balaclavas. They remained hanging for more than 9 hours until they were rescued by an armed group.

Car thieves were hanged in Chiapas
Image courtesy of Noticias Caracol – Car thieves were hanged in Chiapas

a violent rescue

Around 3:00 p.m., the situation became tense in the town. And it is that, the residents affirmed that for more than ten minutes shots from a firearm known as goat horn were heard.

Ignacio Álvarez, the president of the PT militancy, during a telephone interview, confirmed to EFE the rescue of the alleged thieves.

“I am not available to speak right now, my municipality is in an emergency. They are not in danger, all the people are hidden. Security did not come. Yes, it was so, the Prosecutor’s Office did not attend ”, specified the mayor.

When the news was made public, the entrances and exits of the places in the municipality of Huixtan were blocked, thus, the inhabitants were blocked for more than 11 hours. Until the afternoon of the same Thursday, neither the Secretary of Security nor the Chiapas Attorney General’s Office ruled on the issue.


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Sources: Aristegui News Y Snail News

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