From a movie: This is how the Peruvian authorities retained the car in which Pedro Castillo was traveling (+Video)


PNP retains the car in which the dismissed president was mobilized Pedro Castillo in the streets of Lima.

PNP stops Pedro Castillo’s vehicle

Pedro Castillo was intervened by the PNP after the coup d’état that he led this Wednesday morning, December 7, when he announced that he would temporarily close Parliament.

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The President was overthrown by Congress with 101 votes in favor and had to leave the Palace with his entire family, however, authorities approached him on the way and he was transferred to the Prefecture located on Av. España.

After a chaotic attempt to retain the car of Castle through the streets of Lima by the staff of the Urban Tactical Directorate of the National Police of Peruknown by its acronym SUATthere was an operation as professional as the one we can see in the best action movies.

The ousted president Pedro Castillo He is detained in the police region of Lima after leaving the Government Palace after announcing the dissolution of Congress.

Dina Boluarteis the vice president who will take office in the presidential chair.

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