Fuel aid is history: road travel will be more expensive from January 1 for (almost) everyone

It was almost an open secret, although many refused -we refused- to admit it: andhe end of the general fuel bonus, in force uninterruptedly since April 1, 2022, will be a reality in just a few hours, on January 1, 2023, from which time the bonus of 20 cents/liter promoted by the central executive will cease to apply. This measure will not go ahead as we know it, which will mean a significant increase in the cost of using our vehicles. And now that?

It was last February when the war broke out between Ukraine and Russia, a war that has led to a sharp increase in the price of many raw materials and other very important geostrategic factors such as energy. This way We saw how the prices of a liter of diesel and gasoline began to grow excessivelypulverizing any record and far exceeding €2/liter for both gasoline and diesel.

With this situation, difficult to control by the governments of half the world, the Government of Spain made the decision, urgently, to apply a series of extraordinary measures with which to alleviate the impact on the pockets of the Spaniards of these prices, launching a discount to the prices that, in the form of a direct discount on each refueling, it allowed – and still allows it today – to save at least 20 euro cents on each liter refueled with diesel, gasoline, Adblue and navigation diesel.

It doesn’t go anymore: goodbye to the general fuel bonus

This discount came to light and began to be applied on April 1, with an estimated initial duration of 3 months until June 30, a duration that was finally extended until December 31, 2022. Now the central government announces that the measure will not be extended once again, so that it will “die” on December 31, coinciding with the stroke of midnight, from which time it will no longer apply.

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In recent weeks we have seen a significant drop in the price of fuel, so Currently it is possible to refuel with 95 octane gasoline for less than €1.5/liter before discountsa price that, yes, rises to approximately €1.6/liter on average for diesel B.

And now that?

As of January 1, 2023, the bonus is reserved only for the most sensitive groups at the price of fuels: professional road transport, farmers, shipping companies and fishermen, each group with its corresponding formula, will continue to enjoy this discount on the price of diesel.

Secondly, Various oil companies have applied various additional discounts in the price of fuel in recent months, even reaching 45 cents/litre. As of 2023, these discounts remain up in the air, although each company has full freedom to apply the discounts it deems appropriate. In any case, the disappearance of these discounts means a significant increase in the cost of using vehicles, especially those with higher fuel consumption:

  • A vehicle that consumes 6 litres/100km will see its cost increase every 100 km in about €1.3
  • A vehicle whose average consumption is 10 litres/100km will see its cost increased by €2 approx
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