Fun, yellow and with a fantastic secret: this was the Skoda Felicia Fun

It is possible that let’s miss the nineties because at that time we had much fewer worries – I speak for myself here – or because it was an optimistic and prosperous time, where looking to the future was hopeful and wonderful. The products of the automobile industry reflect the culture of the times in which they were developed and sold, and this is perhaps the reason why the Skoda Felicia Fun it is such a wonderful vehicle. A pick-up derived from a tourism. Funny, yellow and with a hilarious and fantastic secret.

The Skoda Felicia Fun is the direct heir to the Skoda Favorit Pick-up, small work-oriented pick-ups that Skoda sold between the years 1991 and 1995. They were derived from the Skoda Favorit, the last car that Skoda developed behind the “Iron Curtain”. They were low-cost vehicles, in which load capacity and mechanical simplicity were the most important attributes. In 1994 the Skoda Felicia began to be sold, a profound facelift of the Favorit that already benefited technically from the purchase of Skoda by Volkswagen.

It was a casual product, but it was the most expensive Felicia in the range and only 4,016 units were sold.

The Skoda Felicia, which rivaled cars like the Renault Clio or the Opel Corsa, it was also sold in a van, family and pick-up version. In 1995, however, came the exotic version called the Skoda Felicia Fun. The Felicia Fun was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1995and was on sale for five years, ending production in 2000. It underwent a facelift and only 4,016 units were made. It is an exotic car, with rather poor sales, and it was openly oriented to the Western European market.

It is not easy to define what the Skoda Felicia Fun was. based on the Felicia Pick-up, but it was a fun, leisure-oriented vehicle. Its greatest peculiarity lay in the division between the passenger compartment and the cargo area. The division had an electric window and a pivoting system, under which two additional seats could be unfolded. In a way, a solution very similar to that of the Citroën Mehari, with the extra of being able to close the passenger compartment. These two additional seats were not sheltered from the elements, they were “in the air”.

The Skoda Felicia Fun quickly went from two to four seats.

Skoda called these seats “party trick”, in line with its name: “fun”, which means fun. Therefore, it was a vehicle that combined in the same body a pick-up and a convertible. Its total length was 4.24 meters, and with the rear seats folded down, the length of its cargo bed increased from 1.37 meters to 0.85 meters, but it still had plenty of cargo space. Skoda raised the ground clearance of the Felicia Fun by 60 mm so that it was possible to cross broken roads and forest tracks with certain guarantees.

Aesthetically, the Skoda Felicia Fun differed from other Felicia pick-ups in its roll cage, rear spoiler and specific front bumper, plus a body kit with wheel arches and rims painted in body color. All photos and official material only show the Felicia Fun in yellow, but on the internet you can find photos of Felicia Fun in other colors and even combining colors between bodywork and wheel arches. Officially, yes, it was only sold in yellow.

Almost all of them are yellow, but there are units in other colors.

The interior also had many yellow details, both on the steering wheel – wrapped in yellow leather – and on the upholstery of the seats. The Skoda Felicia Fun were sold with three mechanics: two four-cylinder petrol, 1.3 and 1.6 liters – with respective powers of 68 CV ​​and 75 CV, and a naturally aspirated diesel of 1.9 liters and 64 CV. Today the Skoda Felicia Fun it is a real rarity and it is difficult to find units for sale. The few for sale in Europe have prices that exceed 6,000 euros and are classic futures.

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