GAC GS3 in Chile: specifications, prices, images and video

GAC GS3 in Chile: specifications, prices, images and video

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GAC GS3 in Chile
GAC GS3 in Chile

The new GAC GS3 2023 in Chile It is a spacious SUV that has a contemporary design as well as a control panel that allows having a wide range of technology at your fingertips. It is worth mentioning that it is available in automatic and mechanical versions.

GAC GS3 Body and Powertrain

The chinese car It measures 4,350mm long, 1,825mm wide and 1,680mm high, along with a 2,560mm wheelbase. The GS3 has a boot capacity of 370 to 780 liters (with the seats folded down) and a weight of 1,315 kg. In addition, the five-door SUV is available with two types of motorization and with a manual or automatic transmission.

GAC GS3 in Chile
GAC GS3 in Chile

Regarding this, the motorization that characterizes the first three versions is a 1.5 L DCVVT/GCCS engine that can generate 112 Hp and 150 Nm. This, associated with a manual transmission allows a fuel consumption of 12.8/15.9/18.5 (Km/l) in city, combined and highway, respectively. On the other hand, if it is associated with an automatic, its figures are 11.8/14.5/17.5 also for city, combined and highway, respectively.

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For its part, the 1.3 L E-Turbo/GCC/DCVVT ​​engine produces 135 Hp and 202 Nm, a block only associated with an automatic transmission, which allows a fuel economy number of 12.3/14.9/17.9 kilometers per liter city/combined/highway.

GAC GS3 in Chile
GAC GS3 in Chile

Standard on the GAC body is LED taillights, rear fog lights, front fog lights (except 1.5 MT GS) and power-adjustable side mirrors. The top-of-the-range finish also sports side mirrors with electric opening with defroster and shark fin antenna.


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Interior, security and prices of the GAC GS3

Its interior has eco-leather fabric upholstery (versions with Leather), interior light, sun visor, air conditioning, driver’s seat with 6-position manual adjustment, among others.

In addition, the SUV with a contemporary and youthful design includes a state-of-the-art touch radio with a reversing camera and versions with Radio Car Play & Android Auto. It has a 9-inch touch audio system with Apple CarPlay & Android Autoconnectivity through the rear USB port, as well as a multifunctional and hands-free steering wheel, allowing it to adapt to all kinds of needs.

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GAC GS3 in Chile

It is worth mentioning that the GS3 has a fairly extensive security with: Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electric Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Control (ESP), Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA), Dual Airbags, Help Hill Start (HHC), among others. They will allow you to move with your family safely through the streets and highways.

GAC GS3 in Chile

The prices of the new GS3 in Chile start at $12,790,000 pesos, where also with the application of different bonuses the price can be reduced to about $11,890,000 pesos. Below you can review the prices of the five versions available in the following table:

Model Price Final price with bonds (GAC Bond + Banco Santander)
GS3 1.5MT GS $12,790,000 $11,890,000
GS3 1.5MT GB $14,190,000 $12,190,000
GS3 1.5AT GB $14,790,000 $13,990,000
GS3 1.3T AT GB $15,790,000 $14,990,000
GS3 1.3T AT GE $16,590,000 $15,190,000

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