Garbage Truck Slides Garbage Cans As It Slides Down A Slippery Hill

December ends with an explosion of winter weather that blankets much of the US. Just before Christmas, Richland, Washington, received snow dust that barely covered the concrete. However, anyone who knows snow knows how slippery and dangerous it can be, which one of the dump trucks found as it skidded sideways on a residential street.

It looks like the dump truck has gotten out of control by the time the video starts and it all goes downhill from there, literally. The back of the truck swung outwards, colliding with a trash can which dumped its contents unceremoniously on the ground.

The slide continues, crossing the driveway and jumping over the curb, nearly crashing into a bunch of exploding Christmas decorations. It missed them, but the trash can stuck to the rear bumper of the truck hit a tree, flattening it to the ground. Drivers can then bring the big rig back under control, line it up and stop it.

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Fortunately, there were no other cars on the road at the time of the accident. When the truck tilts, it fills the entire road and will collide with other people on the road. Luckily the driver stopped the slide before going any further, as the truck was about to hit a red Chevrolet Camaro parked at the end.

The video ends with the truck pulling up next to an upright trash can, and someone getting out to get it. It’s over before we see what happens to the scattered trash. The crash had thrown him everywhere, and the truck was carrying a can to the next house down the street.

According to the video description, the city failed to plow this very steep hill, which allegedly resulted in many accidents in a day. Light layers of snow can turn roads icy or hide chunks of ice, making driving a driving experience that requires alertness and caution, but sometimes the roads are just too slippery.

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