General Motors announces million-dollar investment for a new V8 engine

The automotive industry has abandoned the race to develop new engines combustion, thinking about the electric age. Nevertheless, General Motors It is swimming against the current and showing that its electrified future does not come at the expense of gasoline.

the american firm announced the investment of 854 million of dollars to produce the sixth generation of V8 engine. There are no details about it or a debut date, but it does mention that it will be mounted on pick-ups and SUVs.

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The engine is in development, so we don’t expect to see it in cars anytime soon. GM eight-cylinder blocks typically last many years on the market. The first saw the light in 1954 and the most recent one was introduced in 2013.

Electrification, for its part, continues to be the company’s north, with very clear objectives. By 2030, brands like Cadillac and Buick will abandon combustion, while Chevrolet will soon debut multiple EV models.

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That said, the arrival of a new V8 shows that GM will hold on to gasoline as long as the future allows.

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