General Motors claims to have repaired 11,000 Tesla vehicles since 2021

According to General Motors its “New business” is to offer service for Tesla vehicles in its agencies. The firm claims to have repaired more than 11,000 Tesla EVs in United States.

He also asserts that it is a business that is growing and arrives because Elon Musk’s brand is still adjusting its service model.

Last Thursday during the investor day, GM revealed a new source of income fixing Teslas. Mark Reuss, president said it in conversation with investors and analysts.

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“That’s a growing business for us,” said before adding that “I must say that it is a new business”.

These statements are unexpected, but beneficial to both companies, as GM gains unplanned revenue and the Tesla customers do not expect long response times for services.

Tesla has its own service centers, but they are not as numerous like GM throughout the United States, that’s one reason many customers report long wait times for service appointments.

Reuss He did not offer details about the services carried out at his dealerships. There is also no information on how many cars are no longer under warranty with Tesla. Many deeper functions are things that only Tesla can attend to. However, the income stream is a victory for both manufacturers.

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