Genesis X Convertible or how Hyundai is already capable of competing with the very same Mercedes SL

Hyundai’s assault on the premium market continues to take steps to achieve its long-awaited consolidation and the last movement already points to one of the most difficult segments, if not the most. With the Genesis X Convertiblethe Korean premium firm demonstrates not only the intention, but the ability, to create a luxury convertible capable of measuring itself against cars of the stature of the Mercedes SL, the BMW 8 Series Cabrio or the Porsche 911 Cabrio.

Under the spotlights of the Los Angeles auto show, Genesis has unveiled the third member of its range of X prototypesa consignment of designs that show the immediate future of the brand in terms of styling, but that also acts as a test balloon to take the public’s pulse on the possible irruption of Genesis in new market segments.

And this Genesis X Convertible aims very high, because we are before a huge convertible capable of carrying four passengers. Its philosophy is that of the classic luxury GT, offering a very stylized and careful silhouette, displaying the lines and characteristics of the brand, but displaying elegance and proportions never seen before in the manufacturer or its parent company. Especially striking is the light signature useda double backlit strip that covers the entire front and extends to the very doors.

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We could say that the Genesis X Convertible is just the convertible version of the X Speedium Coupebut in reality it intends to go further by betting on a more classic and elegant image, more focused on luxury, although without renouncing technology or the latest advances in engineering as well demonstrated by its retractable, transparent, bubble-type hardtop.

Sooner or later Genesis will have a coupé/cabrio in its range to reinforce its image and position against Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc.

Still, for the moment we must not get our hopes up too much with the X Convertiblebecause in reality we are facing a design exercise that It does not have the intention of being taken to series production. That said, what we must be very clear about is that many of the ideas seen in the trio of cars launched on the X series (X Concept, X Speedium and X Convertible) will indeed hit the streets with the launch of the new generation. of Genesis models. And if we take into account the ambitious expansion plans of Genesis, we must not rule out that sooner or later the brand will add to its range a large coupé with its corresponding convertible version that will act as an aspirational model, a halo car whose main objective will be to create brand image.

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