GM President said that two new sports cars will arrive in 2024 (+ IMAGES AND VIDEO)

President of General Motors Mark Reussnotified that we will soon see two new sports cars for the future year 2024.

GM president said that new sports cars will arrive

Recently Chevrolet started deliveries to customers Corvette Z06However, other sports models are yet to arrive. The president of General Motors, Mark Reuss, announced this during the presentation of the GM Investor Day in New York City. Promising a couple of sports cars with the insignia of Chevrolet They arrive in the year 2024.


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indicating that it will be “next version of the C8”adding that “We won’t be able to imagine it from a performance standpoint.” It is thought to be the hybrid version that will bear the nickname of “It was and”.


According to rumors, the electrified supercar will be the indirect successor to the equipment level C7 Grand Sport. Combining a V8 engine with one or more electric motors at the front, with four-wheel drive.


The other model is called by Mark Reuss as a “incredible performance car” that “will set the global standard of performance for Chevrolet.” Although he did not put the name of Corvette.


Although it may refer to the top of the range of Zora, which has been speculated for a long time. Thought to be possibly a hybrid, but with the flatbed 5.5-liter V8 engine from the Z06 instead of E-Ray LT2 coming from vette regular.


Reuss announced that a 100% electric Corvette will arrive at the ultium platform. The technical specifications of the models are expected to arrive soon.


Recent reports claimed that General Motors plans to reuse the legendary name of an electric sedan as a rival to the Porsche Taycan. Hopefully there will also come a electric SUV later, for now we know that two models will come Chevrolet high perfomance.

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