GMC Sierra EV, Hummer power to break the Ford F-150 Lightning

The battle of the electric pick-ups adds a new contender to the throne. The GMC Sierra debuts its first all-electric versiona completely new van that has been developed with the best of General Motors in electric propulsionwhich means having made use of the Ultium platform and technology already seen in the almighty Hummer EV. Designed to put the Ford F-150 Lightning on the ropes, let’s discover the keys to the new GMC Sierra EV.

At General Motors they continue with the electrification of their range of pick-ups. First it was the GMC Hummer EV, then the Chevrolet Silverado EV was introduced and today it is the turn of the GMC Sierra EV. General Motors’ objective with this portfolio is to reach all audiences who are thinking of getting a truck, covering all segments of the American market with the Ultium platform.

So that, the GMC Sierra EV is presented as Model Year 2024Well, it will be then when it hits the market with its top-of-the-range version Denali Edition 1. Later, in 2025, we will see more engine, performance and finish configurations arrive, thus covering a price range that will go from 50,000 to 107,000 dollars .

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To give life to the first electric GMC Sierra, the Ultium platform has been taken as a starting point, which has allowed the use of two electric motors – one on each axle – to develop a maximum power of 764 hp and 1,063 Nm. GMC has not provided details on battery capacity, but does point to a estimated autonomy of 640 km under EPA cycle. The battery can be recharged either in an AC charger at powers of up to 19.2 kW or in a fast charger in direct current at powers of up to 350 kW. At maximum charging power, the GMC Sierra EV will be able to recover 160 km of range with only 10 minutes of recharging.

As is common in this batch of electric pick-ups, the Sierra EV can be used as a workstation or electrical support for the home, as it is capable of supplying a power of up to 10.2 kW through its integrated sockets (up to 8 different 120 and 240 volts).

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Its chassis has been designed to withstand trailers up to 4,309 Kg, being able to carry up to 590 Kg in its box and with an additional front trunk. In addition, very interesting functions derived directly from the GMC Hummer have been added, we are talking about the four wheel steeringthe crab-walk function with which we gain in maneuverability by moving diagonally and the use of a air suspension with height adjustment.

With an exterior design that speaks of robustness and packaging, the GMC Sierra EV broadly maintains its imposing aesthetics, however inside we find a cabin that seeks to offer a more luxurious and technological atmosphereusing leather upholstery and inserts in noble materials for the Denali version, as well as a state-of-the-art infotainment system with 16.8″ media system11″ digital instrument panel and 14″ Head-Up Display.

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