Good news, if you are thinking of buying a used car in Chile right now

During the month of October there was a drop of one 31.5% in the sale of used cars, According to the Chilean Automotive Chamber of Commerce, it also lowered the average price to July 2021 levels.

Used cars still above pre-pandemic prices, but down 4% provides a respite to those who want a second-hand car.

used car prices

In the month of January 2022 the average price of used cars was 18,297,179 pesos for SUV, while it is currently 16,419,242according to Chileautos.

Another segment that saw its average price drop is that of vans what happened from be at 20,466,404 pesos in January to $18,437,225, according to recent figures.

For their part, hatchbacks and sedans present a low discreet, going from $11,305,873 in January to $10,647,933 in October for the Hachth, and from $11,169,195 to $10,515,086 in the same period, for sedans.

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According to Caroline Klee, regional marketing manager for, it has been noticed “much concern in the market due to the deterioration in important indicators of the Chilean economy”, which impacts the propensity to consume high-value wines.

However, the board added that “On the portal there are more than 100,000 alternatives to find a vehicle” with multiple financing options, including payment in installments together with a lower price of the vehicle.

Regarding the downward trend in used car prices, he calculated that should continue in the coming months, due to the increase in the stock of new vehicles and the greater supply of used vehicles, “what adjusts the demand and regulates its value”.

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