Google Maps shows you where to locate fast charging points

In this article we show you how to locate fast charging points with the app Google Maps.

Learn how to search for fast charging points on Google Maps

Updates are coming soon to one of the two most downloaded navigation systems in the world for electric car owners. google maps shows the location of fast charging points, filtering the results based on the type of plug.

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Before, the app indicated where to recharge the car battery without specifying the power. This method can now be used in all countries that have an electric car charging network.

Fast charging points: more than 50 kW

With this modification the navigation technology of Google allows to offer the location of all charging points that have a power greater than 50 kW.

The user has the possibility of filtering the results by plug type choosing between CCS Combo 1 and 2, J1772, wallbox, Tesla or CHAdeMO.

How to enable the feature?

So that google maps show the place of fast charging points the function must be activated from the application search engine “electric car chargers”. Filters can then be selected (wattage, plug type and more).


Unfortunately it does not show if the charger is out of order for some reason. Something that many users are requesting to be activated.

The functions of Google Maps for electric cars

The location of fast charging points joins the experience of knowing which is the fastest or shortest route.

Previously, you could see on the screen where the chargers are located (without indicating power), as well as where the nearest gas stations are and the price of fuel.

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