Google Maps update makes it easier to locate chargers for electric cars

The new Google Maps update seeks to make life easier for owners of electric vehicles, since it allows you to search for fast charging stations.

In addition, through the application you can specify the charger power that is required at the time.

To access this function, you must type in the search box that requires an EV charger, a charging station or something similar. Once this is done, the powerful search engine will do its job and locate the best option.

The new functionality has been added for Apple and Android devices, and to install it, you must have the latest version available on your device. Also allows you to select the type of plug, being among the options CCS, J1772, Tesla or CHAdeMo.

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Another feature that was added is a route planner for specific vehicles, whether internal combustion or electric. If this function is selected Google Maps will offer the most efficient route in the case of EVs, in addition to taking into account if charging is possible on the way.

This means that there is less chance of being stranded between shippers, although the route planner still needs to be perfected.

This feature is not only available in the United States, but according to Google, it can be used in any country that has charging network for electric vehicles.

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