Government of CDMX makes the proposal to end gasoline vehicles by 2040

Government Mexico proposes to leave gasoline-powered cars behind by the future year 2024.

CDMX: Government proposes the total elimination of gasoline cars

The Commission for the Preservation of the Environment, Climate Change and Ecological Protection of Congress approved a proposal in CDMX, where it indicates that only electric cars can be marketed in the not too distant future.

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It is based on a eighth transitional article to the Law on Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change and Sustainable Development for Mexico City.

By the year 2040 only electric vehicles can be sold and exist in Mexico, while by the future year 2050 there should be no gasoline or diesel units.


Deputy Jesus Sesma Juarez presented this proposal, mentioning that cities similar to CDMX should try to adopt this measure in the future.

Although it is only a proposal, it is expected to happen soon. Other countries, such as the European Union, will ban combustion cars by the future year 2035.

The idea is to turn the planet into a pollution-free environment.

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