He crashed for recording a fire live while driving (+ Video)

This Tuesday 25 a fire was reported a fire to the South of Nuevo Laredo, The images spread through social networks, as multiple citizens used their mobile devices to record the event.

A man wanted to broadcast the incident live while driving, since it was the event that all of Nuevo Laredo was paying attention to.

The subject, who was moving around the Reforma Avenue he was conversing with his audience and, in turn, describes the immense column of smoke that was causing the fire.

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Everything was going fine, except that the driver stopped paying attention to the road and did not realize that the other cars had stopped, since the traffic light was red.

Next, the screeching of the brakes and a dry thud were heard, followed by a suspenseful silence that was cut off with: “Well, ok, we collided, end of transmission”.

The anecdotal video is circulating on social networks, as an example of what should not be done behind the wheel, since this accident could have been avoided.

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