He got a 15-month driving ban after being seen circling a roundabout

A driver is prohibited drive for 15 months after making several turns at high speed in the roundabout.

Young driver will not be able to drive for 15 months

A 26-year-old driver from Swindon has been banned from driving after being seen skidding off a roundabout at full speed.

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daniel bassett was caught on video while driving in a lexus ES first generation making two passes at the roundabout. The Wiltshire Police indicated that the event occurred on May 7 and was filmed by another driver.

After the violations, he pleaded guilty, however he will not be able to drive for a long time.


According to the authorities, bassett banned from driving for 15 months and will have to do a “extended driving test” before you can get back to driving your car.

You will also have to do 200 hours of community work, “attend rehabilitation appointments and participate in any activity as required by the responsible officer up to a maximum of 15 days.” As if that were not enough, you will have to pay 85 pounds sterling (102 dollars / 99 euros) in court costs plus a surcharge of 95 pounds (115 dollars / 110 euros).

Though the young man thought it was fun without consequences, Wiltshire Police Chief Deb Smith, he said his “Actions represented grossly reckless behavior and a clear danger to those present and the general public.”

Smith indicated that Wiltshire Police will prosecute drivers who “create extremely dangerous situations on our roads while engaging in disruptive car rallies, we will continue to seek the strongest possible penalties in such cases.”

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