He got into his car after posing as a police officer, kidnapped it and stole it in Miami

The officers of Miami-Dade Police Department ask for help finding Anyone who has been the victim of two men and a woman accused of multiple crimes in the area of Little Havana.

One of the offenses is the theft of a supermarket beer crate, which was recorded by security cameras. The record helped identify and arrest suspects.

Zdenek Jelen charged with a series of crimes over a period of four days.

The police announced this Thursday that Jesus Carbonell, 51, and Zdenek Jelen, 49, were arrested for crimes that began the October 26th and extended until the 30th of that month. The charges are kidnapping, robbery and assault.

The crime spree began with the theft of a cell phone, forced kidnappings in which the victim was forced to withdraw money from the ATM, and an alleged hit by a cyclist. The offenses occurred in this order:

Jesus Carbonell

On October 26, one of the suspects and an unidentified woman got into a car that had stopped working. They stole a cell phone and demanded money for its return.

Then on October 28 two suspects they stole eight cases of beer from the supermarket located at 3015 NW 7th St.

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The next day, a man was returning from a party in the area of ​​SW 18th Avenue and 2nd Street when he was confronted by one of the suspects. This armed, forced the victim to get into the truck to take him to an ATM and force him to withdraw cash.

In the latest crime, one of the suspects posed as police officer and forced a man to get into the Tahoe truck, where in collaboration with an unidentified woman they stole their belongings.

The Herald reports that the woman was identified as Jennifer Montenegro33, was allegedly involved in at least one of the robberies.

Authorities asked anyone who may have been a victim to call 305-603-6370.

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