He risked his life – Firefighter from a Copec de Angol jumped on a car to avoid “Dead dog” (+ Viral video)

Image courtesy of T13 – Firefighter from Angol jumped on a car to avoid “Dead dog”

Recently, the video where a fireman from a gas station in Angol jumped on a driver’s car who tried to carry out “perro muerto” in the region of La Araucanía, in Chili.

And it is that, the driver did not expect the quick and risky reaction of a service center worker. Deciding to dare to jump on top of his car only in order to prevent the vehicle from running away after filling its tank and not pay the fuel.

The event took place last Tuesday, at which time the driver arrived at the Copec to refuel and after doing so he started with his truck, trying to carry out the famous “dead dog” or leave without paying for the fuel.

Angol firefighter jumped on a car to avoid “Dead dog”

Upon realizing this fact, one of the workers decided to jump into the back of the vehicle that was already on the move so the driver wouldn’t run away. Aware of the danger of the situation, a group of colleagues followed the driver of the truck and his companion from another car.

Angol firefighter jumped on a car to avoid "dead dog"
Image courtesy of T13 – Angol Firefighter jumped on a car to avoid “Dead Dog”

Fortunately, the chase ended a few blocks later after the driver was detained by municipal security personnel and Carabineros. The records left evidence of the struggle of the fireman with the driver, who was made available to the Public Ministry.

It is worth mentioning that despite the fact that the action was brave and the worker managed to arrest the man, from the Municipal Office of Public Security they commented that the event could have ended with the badly injured worker. They also stated that endangered his physical integrity.


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